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Medical Waste Disposal Products

Sharps Containers

Sharps containers are designed for medical sharps containment and disposal. They are red and clearly labeled with the biohazard label on the front. Sharps containers are designed to close securely to minimize the potential for spills and leakage. Locking lids providing tamper protection when sharps container is full and awaiting incineration.

BMW Plans

Every Medical Waste Generator in the State of New york is required by the Department of Health to have a written Biomedical Operating Plan in their facility and outline that facilities SPECIFIC waste handling and removal procedures. NOTE: Every single facility must have it's own plan. Rest assured, your facility is in Compliance by letting Sharps MD® prepare your Biomedical Waste Plan for you. Each plan will be completely customized for that facility.

Biohazard Bags

We offer a complete line of biohazard bags from the common red biohazard trash bags to various other waste disposal and autoclavable bags. Biohazard waste bags provide an effective containment of hazardous waste and help identify and isolate infectious materials and waste. The bags are made with linear low-density material for easy dispensing, and all have bilingual English/Spanish warning and a 6" diameter biohazard symbol.

Wall Mounts

Wall mount containers minimize the potential for overfilling by stopping in the "FULL" position when it reaches maximum capacity when used in conjunction with a compatible sharps container with a counter balance lid. (Holds either a 2.5 Quart or a 5 Quart - 5 Quart shown in picture to the left) Their unique lid design limits accidental or intentional access to container contents for pediatric and high-risk areas ans they allow for visual monitoring.

Biohazard Boxes

Biohazard boxes are used to dispose of medical waste. These are corrugated, disposable cardboard boxes with the large 8" Biohazard label on the side to meet compliance. Once the box is full, the lid is closed, sealed and ready for removal by an authorized Sharps MD technician or another licensed biomedical waste disposal company. Boxes are industry compliant and incinerator-safe.

OSHA Compliance and Regulatory Procedures

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Compliance

FDOH Compliance FDOH License # FL7568

DEP / EPA Compliance Permit # FLR000000171678

Department of Transportation DOT License #FL2055805

FDOH Licensed Transporter Permit #52-64-1271350

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Biomedical Waste (BMW) will be handled in compliance with Section 381.0098, F.S. and Chapter 64E-16, Florida Administration Code (FAC) and includes any solid or liquid waste which may present a threat of infection to humans. The term includes, but is not limited to, non-liquid human tissue and body parts, discarded sharps, human blood, human blood products, laboratory waste which contain human disease-causing agents, and body fluids.When filled, all sharps containers and red bags shall be sealed properly by the generator. Employee Training for OSHA FDOH Compliance shall detail Compliance with your "Biomedical Operating Plan" and shall include: Identification, Segregation, Handling, Labeling and Procedures for Decontaminating Spills and Leaks.

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