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Sharps MD® National Medical Waste Franchise with Services Nationwide

Medical Waste Disposal and Management Company in Florida

Sharps MD® is here with our Go Green Save Green® initiative to provide healthcare facilities with an environmentally-friendly and affordable alternative to your current medical waste disposal company. We will offer medical waste pickup, removal, transportation, and disposal in an affordable, all-inclusive package. Our sharps disposal and hazardous waste disposal methods meet and exceed current and future requirements of the FDA, EPA, and OSHA, while also reducing emissions and landfill volume by approximately 90 percent!

Sharps MD® is a full service biomedical waste management company located in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Our parent corporation is Waste Alliance®, Inc. which is registered with the Federal Trade Commission as a franchisor that is currently approved in 39 states. Sharps MD® of Tampa Bay and Sharps MD of South Florida which serves the Miami, Ft Lauderdale area are among our first company-owned franchises. In addition we have Sharps MD® of West Florida which incorporates Bradenton to Naples. We have a reputation of providing unparalleled customer service and listening to our customers' needs.

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1127 Seminole Street
Clearwater, Florida 33755

Phone Numbers

Direct: (813) 280-9410
Fax: (877) 424-9923

Permits & Licenses

FDOT #: FL2055805
FDOH #: FL7568
Transporter Permit #: 52-64-1271350
Storage Permit #: 52-64-1271364
DEP / EPA #: FLR000000171678


During the 1990's, there was a large increase in accidental needle sticks. In 1997, an estimate of 800,000 was reported. Thus, Sharps MD® was founded by a group of doctors, nurses and various consultants with over 70 years combined experience. Our objective was to find alternatives to protect people and create a safe environment by eliminating accidental needle sticks and reduce the risk of blood borne pathogens while also promoting a green friendly way to decrease landfill volume and high insurance costs.

  Mission Statement

Sharps MD® personnel have developed a medical waste disposal and management program with the objective to Go Green and Save Green®. With the Florida Department of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency increasing their standards for health and environmental compliance healthcare facilities need to make sure that their regulatory procedures are in compliance. Our medical waste disposal and management program is a complete solution offering pickup, removal, transport, and disposal for a low monthly fee. Sharps MD® partners with licensed treatment facilities and suppliers throughout Florida.

To understand our company better, there are two aspects of our company that make us unique. We are a technology-driven company. Our medical waste software program that we developed is a web-based system that is driven by the data that the driver enters and scans into our system using a smartphone device. This allows us to track, route and invoice and create reporting on all waste from pick-up to disposal. The other aspect of our business is our experience, which is well respected in the industry. Our staff activities have recently included:

Our principal goal is not only to get your waste processed within the rules and regulations, but to give you the most cost effective proposal for the management of your waste. We achieve that through technology and experience! We believe that the issue at hand is not merely how to dispose of medical waste but how to maximize each of our strengths to the benefit of both parties.

In Need of a Reliable Medical Waste Disposal Management Company?

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OSHA Compliance and Regulatory Procedures

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Compliance

FDOH Compliance FDOH License # FL7568

DEP / EPA Compliance Permit # FLR000000171678

Department of Transportation DOT License #FL2055805

FDOH Licensed Transporter Permit #52-64-1271350

Our Medical Waste Software Solutions Partners

Extending SharpSoft® to Unlock Your Business Potential

Biomedical Waste (BMW) will be handled in compliance with Section 381.0098, F.S. and Chapter 64E-16, Florida Administration Code (FAC) and includes any solid or liquid waste which may present a threat of infection to humans. The term includes, but is not limited to, non-liquid human tissue and body parts, discarded sharps, human blood, human blood products, laboratory waste which contain human disease-causing agents, and body fluids.When filled, all sharps containers and red bags shall be sealed properly by the generator. Employee Training for OSHA FDOH Compliance shall detail Compliance with your "Biomedical Operating Plan" and shall include: Identification, Segregation, Handling, Labeling and Procedures for Decontaminating Spills and Leaks.

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REFUND/RETURN POLICY: We issue when refunds when necessary and appropriate with a 20% restocking fee.

DELIVERY METHODS: We ship common carrier or our own SharpsMD trucks and our delivery time is typically within one (1) business day.

All products and services are conducted and manufactured in the United State of America.

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