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Sharps MD is the Leader in Biomedical Waste Disposal Services

Biomedical Waste Removal and Disposal Services

Sharps MD strives to maintain a personal relationship with your staff so that your needs are taken care of in a prompt and courteous manner. An overview of our service departments is detailed to better familiarize Florida Blood Services with Sharps MD structure and operation.

Customer Service

Sharps MD customer service representatives have immediate access to detailed information on customer accounts. Questions pertaining to billing, product ordering, document retrieval, or regulatory questions are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Your representative has instant access to all documents generated in real time access.

Biomedical Waste Documentation Forms

The SMDA Waste Documentation Forms meet all City; County and State guidelines for proper documentation of Waste Processing. Each form is generated automatically from data collected at the site of the waste pickup by the vehicle driver. From pick up to destruction and all points in between, the waste is tracked; labeled and identified. A complete record is maintained of each item and is reflected in the destruction reports generated upon destruction of the waste for final documentation of disposal and traceability.

As a valued customer, you will have access to a password protected online CPort™ Customer Portal where they are able to review their pick-up schedule for the year on a Calendar along with all of their Biomedical Waste Forms complete with Destroyed Notifications and their current Balance and open Invoices.

Emergency Service

Sharps MD provides 24-hour emergency service. If emergency pick up is needed after hours a message system will direct the caller to an emergency cell phone number and a Sharps MD representative will immediately respond to your call.

Waste Container & Storage Options

Sharps MD offers various container options to economically fit Florida Blood Services biomedical waste needs. From generator to disposal, Sharps MD can safely handle your facility waste needs. All Sharps MD services meet or exceed regulatory standards, thus providing the customer with state of the art disposal options. The following is an overview of the various service products offered by Sharps MD.

Fiberboard (cardboard) Box

Fiberboard box service is ideal for the small quantity generator or a larger facility with storage space. Located on the bottom of each box is printed a certificate listing construction requirements certifying that our box is designed to meet state and federal tests for rigidity and strength. The Department of Transportation approves Sharps MD fiberboard boxes. The following are features of the fiberboard box service:

  1. Available in 30 gallon single
  2. Dimension 17-5/8 x 17-5/8 x 22-3/4 INCHES
  3. Available in 15 gallon single with insert
  4. Dimension 12-15/16 x 12-15/16 x 18-1/2 INCHES
  5. Each box contains tuck down corners
  6. Reusable lids for boxes are available and purchased separately

Sharps MD Procedure for the Fiberboard Box System

  1. The Sharps MD representative will deliver boxes upon signing of service agreement, or deliver at a later date by the Sharps MD driver.
  2. A pick-up schedule (not to exceed 28 days) will be determined between Sharps MD and Client based on service needs.
  3. Pick-up schedule changes, either by Sharps MD or Client, must be made prior to the next scheduled pick-up.
  4. Driver will close and tape each box prior to transportation (pending service requirements as agreed).
  5. Driver will set up new box with new red bag liner (pending service requirements as agreed).

Reusable Service

Sharps MD uses 10 and 18 gallon reusable. The following are features are detailed below.

  1. Easy to maneuver and stackable when space is limited
  2. D.O.T. approved
  3. Cleaned and disinfected prior to delivery
  4. Properly placarded, lockable and liquid tight

Sharps MD procedure for Reusable Service

  1. Sharps MD will supply Florida Blood Services with an adequate number of containers to accommodate their waste stream needs between pick-ups.
  2. Exchange each container on a scheduled basis (schedule to be mutually agreeable)
  3. Each container is cleaned with an EPA approved germicidal detergent and disinfectant, and inspected prior to redistribution
  4. Provide manifest/receipt upon pick-up of waste.

Decontamination of Service Products

All service products are placed into a container washer to be cleaned to remove soiled areas and then disinfected. Sharps MD utilizes a hospital grade EPA approved germicidal detergent and disinfectant for cleaning and decontaminating all our service products. After cleaning procedures are complete each item is thoroughly inspected before redistribution to customers insuring continued high quality infection control measures.

Outside Storage Containers

Sharps MD offers outside storage containers for generators with limited indoor storage capacity. Each container is lockable to prevent unauthorized access and sealed to prevent leakage and to protect stored containers from weather and vermin. Sharps MD offers outside storage containers in a variety of sizes:

  1. 3-pack (holds 3 – 30 gallon boxes) – 58” x 22” x 33”
  2. 6-pack (holds 6 – 30 gallon boxes) – 58” x 40” x 33”
  3. Aluminum storage buildings – size based on customer needs.
  4. Trailer Service
*Sharps MD staff will deliver and set up the containers at the generators location.

Sharps MD is an FDOH Licensed Medical Waste Removal Company

Medical Waste Transport A Medical Waste Transport Sharps MD professional technician will enter your facility, physically inspect your biomedical boxes and sharps containers. Your technician will also apply the necessary labels to bring you into compliance. They will scan, document and remove all of your SHARPS and biomedical waste containers. The date, time, weight and final destination are recorded and documented. The technician will issue you a certificate of disposal. Sharps MD insures compliance for you and your facility - 100% guaranteed! Service included in our Medical Waste Disposal package.

Sharps MD is an FDOH Licensed Medical Waste and Pharmaceutical Waste Transporter

Medical Waste Transport

Medical Waste Transport Sharps MD state-of-the-art trucks and vans transport medical waste 24 hours a day from our transport hub centrally located in Clearwater, Florida. Our Emergency Response Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

We adhere to and follow all US DOT and FDOH guidelines and regulations at all times. Rest assured that your facilities medical waste will be picked up on-time, as scheduled. Sharps MD will continue to remain at the top of the industry in on-time pick up, delivery, and emergency response service for our valued customer.

Transportation Department

Sharps MD transportation department strives to pick up your biomedical waste in a timely manner. Sharps MD drivers are educated on current regulations set forth by the Department of Transportation and the Florida Department of Health. Your account will be continually monitored to meet the needs so that your facilities will have only a minimal amount of waste on premises at any given time.

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Sharps MD Disposal Procedure

Sharps MD uses chemical treatment as a means of treating biomedical waste to insure complete destruction of infectious organisms. The United States Environmental Protection Agency as well as other state agencies recognizes chemical treatment for All types of biomedical waste. The shredding eliminates the need for costly segregation rendering the waste unidentifiable.

During periods of maintenance, or other treatment equipment outages, Sharps MD has guaranteed access to autoclaves that meet industry standards. This will ensure uninterrupted waste treatment and disposal. In addition, we will be adding treatment units around the State of Florida within this year.

Tours of our treatment facility and business offices are encouraged. Contact Sharps MD representative to schedule a tour during business hours.

Sharps MD treatment facility is located at:

Sharps MD of Tampa Bay
1810 S. Pinellas Ave
Tarpon Springs, FL. 34689

Pharmaceutical Rx Disposal Services

Sharps MD the Leader in Pharmaceutical RX Drug Waste Disposal, Removal, Transportation, Management Compliance Services. Medical Waste Disposal Products.

Sharps MD is here with our "Go Green and Save Green" initiative to provide healthcare facilities with an environment-friendly and affordable alternative to your current medical waste disposal company. We offer medical waste pickup, removal, transportation, and disposal in an affordable, all-inclusive package. Our sharps disposal and hazardous waste disposal methods meet and exceed current and future requirements of the FDA, EPA, and OSHA, while also reducing emissions and landfill volume by approximately 90 percent! We can also help bring your facility to FDOH compliance by preparing your customized Biomedical Waste Plan (required by FDOH) as well as employee training for OSHA and FDOH compliance.

Medical Waste Disposal Management (Includes removal, transport, treatment, disposal, biohazard box and bag)

On-site training by Sharps MD for Compliance of Medical Waste Handling

OHSA FDOH Compliance Employee Training for Florida Available for Healthcare Facilities in Florida only at this time. For More Information and Special Discount Pricing Call Today

Toll Free 1-877-950-9222
Direct 727-447-6200 and ask for Dr. Sharps

Be sure that your facility is complying with OSHA and FDOH compliance standards for a safe and healthy workplace. The program is available for a Flat ONE-TIME Fee to educate your staff how to handle and dispose of your used sharps and medical waste. Sharps MD OSHA FDOH Compliance Training is an easy and affordable way to maintain compliance, enhance employee safety, and keep costs down. Since we're the regulatory compliance experts, you don't have to be. Rely on Sharps MD to keep you up-to-date on the latest OSHA and FDOH requirements and regulations for properly disposing of your regulated sharps and medical waste.

Employee Training shall detail Compliance with your "Biomedical Waste Plan" and shall include: Identification, Segregation, Handling, Labeling and Procedures for Decontaminating Spills and Leaks "Spill Kit".

For more information about FDOH Ch64e-16 compliance click here.

Educational services

Sharps MD places high priority on education. Your Sharps MD representative is available to you as a resource regarding the ever-changing biomedical waste regulations. An education program starts with a waste audit, so that Sharps MD has a thorough understanding of how waste is handled in your facility. Once Sharps MD has established the procedures in your facility and we have agreed as to the most efficient way of handling waste in your facility we then tailor our education program to your facility needs.

We have a comprehensive compliance training portal where certification can be obtained online. Click here for

Educational programs offered are as follows:

  1. Waste Audits with written reports of findings and suggestions
  2. Consulting
  3. In-service Education
  4. In-service Videos / CD ROM
  5. Biomedical Waste Plans
  6. Regulatory Updates (Including the Department of Transportation and the Florida Biomedical Waste Code)
  7. Online Education with testing and certificate verifying each employee that has passed the training program.
  8. Customer Portal with 24 hour access with all documentation archived in our system.
  9. On-site educational services are also available. Please inquire for more details.


Reporting is the most efficient way of measuring a facilities waste volume. Each report will show the month, pounds generated, and the facility. Reports can be generated within the customer portal with the metrics that you choose to run a report. When you cover waste disposal in your meetings, you will have accurate information quickly and efficiently without waiting for your invoices to be consolidated and interpreted. You will be prepared and ready for your meeting with your customer portal information that is available on demand.

Sharps Medical Waste Disposal Management Information