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OHSA FDOH Compliance Employee Training for Florida

On-site training by Sharps MD for Compliance of Medical Waste Handling

Available for Healthcare Facilities in Florida only at this time.

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Be sure that your facility is complying with OSHA and FDOH compliance standards for a safe and healthy workplace. The program is available for a Flat ONE-TIME Fee to educate your staff how to handle and dispose of your used sharps and medical waste. Sharps MD OSHA FDOH Compliance Training is an easy and affordable way to maintain compliance, enhance employee safety, and keep costs down. Since we're the regulatory compliance experts, you don't have to be. Rely on Sharps MD to keep you up-to-date on the latest OSHA and FDOH requirements and regulations for properly disposing of your regulated sharps and medical waste.

Employee Training shall detail Compliance with your "Biomedical Waste Plan" and shall include: Identification, Segregation, Handling, Labeling and Procedures for Decontaminating Spills and Leaks "Spill Kit".

For more information about FDOH Ch64e-16 compliance click here.