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Sharps MD® Launches Florida Bio-Medical Waste & Blood Borne Pathogen Training including revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard December 1, 2013 Deadline & Compliance Program!

October 28, 2013

Sharps MD® is the industry that offers more than just OSHA training but also full knowledge of OSHA requirements. We provide straightforward and effortless training at Sharps MD® OSHA training is completely computerized that can be completed anywhere at your convenience and be certified within 24 hours. Most of all AFFORDABLE for everyone!

Our training program assist employers with required safety and health aspects of their jobs which are essential parts for protecting workers from injuries and illnesses that can be avoided. You can rely on Sharps MD® to keep you up to date on the latest OSHA and FDOH regulations and requirements in health care facilities for proper disposal of sharps and medical waste, hazard classification, labels and safety data sheets.

Sharps MD® OSHA-FDOH Compliance Program 1 Hour Affordable Certification Consists Of Contents of the OSHA Standard, Epidemiology & Symptoms of Blood Borne Diseases, Modes by which Blood Borne Diseases are transmitted, The Exposure Control Plan, Personal Protective Equipment, Practices to prevent exposure, Signs, Labels & Containers, Emergency Procedures, Follow-up Procedures, Quiz & Certificate.

The new Hazard Communication Standards (HCS) is now aligned with a Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). American workers in health facilities face the most serious threats of exposure to hazardous chemicals. The new update to Hazard Communication Standards (HCS) has improved the safety for all workers to complete jobs correctly, to handle and safely use hazard chemicals that results in competitive cost savings.

Sharps MD® prepares a completely customized Biomedical Waste Plan for your specific facility found at That includes all necessary training for your business and employees. Any person involved in collection, transportation, and disposal of biomedical waste must be adequately trained. Sharps MD® provides all the training, procedures and certification you need! Segregation, Handling, Labeling, Storage, Transport & Treatment for your specific facility.

Sharps MD® keeps your facilities requirements affordable with their new OSHA Compliance Training Package that has been revised for the new Hazard Communication Standards that all facilities and their employees must complete by December 1, 2013 deadline.

WARNING! You will be shocked at how affordable and easy Sharps MD® Compliance Training Program & Biomedical Waste Plan is. Learn more about Sharps MD®’s OSHA Compliance Program at and Sharps MD®’s Biomedical Waste Plan at !!!!!

About Sharps MD®

We Are the Industry’s First Medical Waste Franchise

Sharps MD® was founded to find alternatives to protect people and create a safe environment, while also promoting a green friendly way to decrease landfill volume. Our service is required by a wide range of healthcare providers that are constantly looking for a dependable, cost effective, friendly, local service provider. The three principals that grow our business are: Recurring revenue that increases each month, a self-sufficient business model that promotes operational efficiency from transport to disposal, and meeting a growing demand for healthcare waste disposal services.

As our Co-Founder Gerry Hubbell of Sharps MD® and also who started Medco says “You will know when you see our program that our services are uniquely simple for our client use, educational and cost effective for today's healthcare professional.”

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Breaking News: Sharps MD® Unveils Its Revolutionary STS  Sharpzz Tracking System!

April 2, 2012

Sharps MD®, Pinellas County Florida:

Today Sharps MD® unviels its revolutionary bio-medical waste tracking system. The first system ever released in the industry to digitally document the complete transportation, handling, treatment, incineration, and disposal of your biomedical waste.

Sylvia Johnson the President & co-founder and a pioneer in bio-medical waste management had this to say: "I have been waiting for this day when we act as a people and combined group of concerned intellectualls finally addressing the unpresidented worldwide bio-waste epedemic that is contaminating our planet, Naturally the 1st step is not only economical, but should be the only ethical course of action, which discuss the entry & to require video, electronic tracking documentation that should be mandatory for all bio-medical waste transporters / treatment/ landfill/, & incinerator facilities in the U.S.A. including any & all other entities directly related to the handeling of bio-medical, rx pharmaceutical, chemo , and or any & all other sharps & or hazardous waste issues".

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May 9, 2011

Sharps MD® releases its new FDOH Biomedical Waste Compliance program plans:
Sharps MD® guarantees you will pass your FDOH Medical Waste & sharps compliance inspection, with Sharps MD® compliance package program, or the compliance package is FREE!
For more information call Dr. Sharpzz today at 1-877-950-9222!